Duncan’s Sprouted Chickpea and Artichoke Hummus

(This started with a recipe from The Joy of Cooking, veered away from Salt and Garlic and toward Chives and Asafetida. Thanks to Allan MacIntire (almackable[at]gmail[dot]com) for the Sprouting Instructions). Thanks to Alain Antinouri for the suggestion to use Lime Juice.


  1. Sprout out 1-2 cups of Chickpeas. [Note: 1 cup of dry Chickpeas makes 2 ½ cups of sprouted Chickpeas.] (Soak them in warm water 8 hours. Drain. Set aside. They need air and light. Be sure to rinse/swirl/drain them in warm water at least 3x per day during sprout-out. At the 2-day mark, wash/rinse drain them assiduously; don’t let them sit too long or they’ll start to ferment. (For more notes on sprouting, go to this link.
  2. Put sprouted Chickpeas in a steamer and steam them for 1 hour.
    1. Put 2 cups steamed Chickpeas in a food processor (preferred) or blender. (If using a blender, put ½ of all the ingredients in at a time, then blend, in order not to strain the blender motor.)
    2. Add: 3/4 cup Sesame Tahini
    3. Add: ½ cup Lemon Juice
    4. Add: ¼ cup Lime Juice
    5. Add: ¼ cup Olive Oil
    6. Add: ¼ tsp Asafetida (Hing)
    7. Add: spices and seasonings to taste, like fresh-ground Italian Seasoning
    8. Add: 4-6 TBSP dried chopped Chives
    9. Add: ½-1 cup of cooked Artichoke Hearts, with liquid
    10. Add: ¼ cup of sliced Almonds
    11. Add (OPTIONAL): ½ tsp Real Salt or Sea Salt.

3. Run Food Processor or blender until mixture has a smooth texture. (The nuts do not have to be fully pulverized.)


c. 2011 by Duncan H. Brown. Can be freely shared, but with attribution and linking to my Web site, www.duncanhbrown.com.